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AdWords optimizers has come up with 6 tactics that will help your AdWords campaigns be more relevant to your customers.

1. Focus your ads on low prices and savings.
2. Use value-related keywords.
3. Make sure your ad groups are targeted and relevant.
4. Don't waste money on irrelevant clicks.
5. Make it easy for customers to buy.
6. Focus your money on your high-performers.


வீட்டுக்குள் செருப்புப் போடுங்கள்!
அவள் ஒரு ஆசாரசீலமான வயதான மாது. நடக்கும்போது பாதத்தில் சுரீர் என வலிக்கிறது என்றாள். அவளது பாதத்தைப் பரிசோதித்துப் பார்த்தபோது, விரலை அண்டிய பகுதிகளில் தோல் தடித்து சொரசொரப்பாகத் திட்டுத்திட்டாக சில ஆணிக் கூடுகள் தெரிந்தன. இவை நீண்ட காலமாகத் தொல்லை கொடுக்கின்றனவாம்.

`வெறும் காலுடன் மண் முற்றத்தில் நடப்பீர்களா?' என்று கேட்டபோது `இல்லை, நாங்கள் இருப்பது பிளட்ஸ் வீடு. காலில் மண் படுவதே கிடையாது. வீட்டிலும் மாபிள் பதித்த தரை. அழுக்கே கிடையாது' என்றாள் பெருமையோடு.

அழுக்கினால் ஆணிக் கூடுகள் வளர்வதில்லை. பாதத்தின் சில பகுதிகள் வெறும் தரையில் தொடர்ந்து அழுத்துவதால் அவை தடிப்படைந்து ஆணிக் கூடுகளாக வளர்கின்றன. இறுக்கமான சப்பாத்து அணிபவர்களின் பெருவிரலின் மொளிப்பகுதியில் தோல் தடித்து கட்டைபோல் இருக்குமே அதைப் போலத்தான் இதுவும். `இவ்வாறு தோல் தடிக்காமல் தடுப்பதற்கு வீட்டிற்குள்ளும் எந்நேரமும் மென்மையான பாதணிகளை அணியுங்கள்' என்றேன்.

`வீட்டிற்குள்ளும் செருப்பா!' அதிர்ந்தாள் அந்த ஆசார மாது.

வீடு புனிதமானதுதான்! ஆயினும் அதைவிட எமது கால் காயப்படாமல் இருப்ப…


Chennai flat/plot rates

Akshaya Foundations

Adora - OMR - 3750/sqft
Aikya - Adyar - 12500/sqft

Alliance Group - Orchid Springs - 3199/sqft

Arihant Foundations

Heirloom - Thalumbur - 2499/sqft
Escapade - Thoraipakkam - 4150/sqft
Villa Viviana - Maramalai nagar - starting from 1 Crore

Asvini Foundations

Amarisa-phase1 - Ramapuram - 4500/sqft
Amarisa-phase2 - Ramapuram - 4250/sqft
Akshita - Madipakkam - 3800/sqft

Casa Grande

Riveira - Palikkarnai - 3450/sqft - before discount 3600/sqft
Silver Oak - Perungudi - 4300/sqft - before discount 4500/sqft
Madhuban - Madipakkam - 3300 /sqft - before discount 3500/sqft
Mylapore - R.K.salai - 12500/sqft
Ponmar -785/sqft - before discount 825/sqft
Maraimalainagar - 790/sqft - before discount 825/sqft

CeeDeeyes - Chenni Pattinam

Basic Rate - 1600/sqft All Inclusive - 2075/sqft

Chaitanya shanthiniketan

Sunnyvale - Ayanavaram - 4850/sqft
Serena - Rajkilpakkam - 2550/sqft
Gardenia - OMR - 1900/sqft
Green Park - Chitlapakkam - 3300/sqft


Gardencity - 3200/sqft - was …

Placement Consultants Really Work?

Recruitment companies and employment agencies play many tricks on unsuspecting job applicants. Some are easy to guess. Here are some of the most common games played by placement agencies and consultancies -

1. Some clients pay placement agencies an amount for every shortlisted candidate who turns up for their interview. This leads to placement consultants lying to job applicants about the position, qualifications needed, salary and other terms of service offered by a company, just so that you agree to go for the interview. Once you find out that the job is not what you desired, you naturally walk off...but the recruiter has already made their few bucks.

2. In such cases, Placement Agencies may also unscrupulously deal with the Human Resource Managers of companies. All companies have a certain budget for hiring people. Since they 'know' the HR Manager, placement consultants send a large amount of candidates for a position that can be easily filled. Many 'fake' interviews …

Photography Tips - avoiding common mistakes

1. Over exposed Pictures -
(a) Daylight entering through an open window behind the subject - Either close all windows, draw the curtains, change the angle to avoid the window or shift to another location.
(b) A white monument glowing behind the subject - this happens if the subject is in the shade and the monument in the sun. You should either move the subject into the sunlight and use a flash or get him to pose on the side of the building that is in shade.
(c) Subject standing under trees in blobs of sun and shade - use a flash and move close.
(d) White person wearing black or black person in white - change the outfit to offwhite/dark blue or pose them before a neutral background like a green garden etc.

2. Under exposed Photos
(a) The city lights that looked awesome in the night showed up as a black background - The flash covers only a certain area of maybe 3 meters. If its dark, always come as close as possible to the background.
(b) The beautiful sea at dusk is undistinguishable - Never …

Commands for Run

Accessibility Controls : access.cpl

Add Hardware Wizard : hdwwiz.cpl

Add/Remove Programs : appwiz.cpl

Administrative Tools : control admintools

Automatic Updates : wuaucpl.cpl

Bluetooth Transfer Wizard : fsquirt

Calculator : calc

Certificate Manager : certmgr.msc

Character Map : charmap

Check Disk Utility : chkdsk

Clipboard Viewer : clipbrd

Command Prompt : cmd

Component Services : dcomcnfg

Computer Management : compmgmt.msc

Date and Time Properties : timedate.cpl

DDE Shares : ddeshare

Device Manager : devmgmt.msc

Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)* : directx.cpl

Direct X Troubleshooter : dxdiag

Disk Cleanup Utility : cleanmgr

Disk Defragment : dfrg.msc

Disk Management : diskmgmt.msc

Disk Partition Manager : diskpart

Display Properties : control desktop

Display Properties : desk.cpl

Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected) : control color

Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility : drwtsn32

Driver Verifier Utility : verifier

Event Viewer : eventvwr.msc

File Signature Verification Tool : sigverif


Electronic & computer connectors & pins

Monitor (VGA) connector = 15 pins
Keyboard = 5 pins
SMPS = 9 pins
RS 232 (serial port)= 9 pins
RS 232 (parallel port)/plotter = 24 pins
Rs 449 = 37 pins
dotmatrix printer serial port = 6 pins
dotmatrix printer parallel port = 36 pins
SIMM = 72 pins
c64 pc expansion slot = 22 pins
I/O slot edge connector = 62 pins
Floppy disk drive cable = 34 pins
sound card = 40 pins
pcmcia/jeida = 68 pins
scart socket = 21 pins
slide projector connector = 9 pins
RJ 45 network cable = 8 pins
CD drive cable/IDE = 40 pins
USB hub = 4 pins
compact flash card = 50 pins
scsi = 50 pins
pictur tube = 8 pins


ISP server names

HCL infinite

Phone no = 172516
incoming server =
outgoing server =

Dishnet DSL
Phone no = 172341
incoming server =
outgoing server =

Phone no = 172356
incoming server =
outgoing server =

Phone no = 172306
incoming server =
outgoing server =

Phone no = 172226
incoming server =
outgoing server =

Windows files & uses

msoprefs.232 = preference files store data and settings for organization chart
.Dll = is an executable file that typically contains a library of function that can be used simultaneously by multiple processes.
.cdf = a mapping file of the website contents
wininet.dll = processes activex controls
shdocvw.dll = enables the browser to navigate the web, view html pages and link to favorites
mshtml.dll = this is the engine that renders html
urlmon.dll = processes URL to provide http connectivity
conf.adm = specifies policies to control user and computer acces privileges for your netmeeting
inetres.adm = variety of internet and code download settings
oe.inf = specifies policies to help reduce internet mail and news support costs
shell.inf = restricts access to system shell function
subs.odm = specifies policies for channels and subscriptions
chat.adm = restricts access to chat function
inetset.adm = specifies and locks down settings for IE advanced settings
vdmredir.dll = redirects file system and i/o req…

orkut profile slogans - others advices

Its a fact tat every relationship has an expiry date.....
losing my sight....losing my mind....finding nothing but questions and devils...
Learn from every part of your life...and remember not to repeat your mistakes done previously
Success of life will create crowd for u Lonliness of life create empty space for u but TOUGH TIME in life will create the true person in u.
திமிருக்கு மறுபெயர் நீதானே, தினம் தினம் உன்னால் இறந்தேனே, மறந்திட மட்டும் மறந்தேனே ...]
life is about moving on... gaining more strength from ppl u lose.. and learning to live for them too

Eligibility For Property Loan


* You must be at least 23 years of age when the loan is sanctioned for Salaried Employees/Professional and Self Employed Persons/Businessman.
* The repayment should be complete before attaining the age of 65.
* Other cases can be taken up as special case and subject to approval of higher authorities of the bank.
* The loan applications in which point no. 1 and 2 are not satisfied, a guarantor is taken as additional co applicant satisfying the criteria.


* Net Income of the concern should be greater than Rs. 100,000 P.A for Salaried Employees/Professional and Self Employed Persons/Businessman.
* Maximum of two persons income of the partners/directors holding a minimum of 25% stake each can be clubbed to the income of the concern.
* It can be increased/ enhanced by clubbing income of maximum three persons, which can be family members in tree/chain or co partner in business or co partner in property.


* The business should have good future and gro…


Download tutorial

1. After a few moments a Window will pop-up to start the game download. In some browsers you will be given the choice to "Open" (or "Run") the program rather than "Save"ing it. Choose the "Open"/"Run" option.

2. You will now be shown a progress bar as the software is downloaded, if nothing happens please check your firewall software and other security programs, make sure they are not blocking the connection to our server.

3. Depending on your internet connection and size of the software, the download can take a few moments or several minutes. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install

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நிலவு நண்பன்

ATM/Debit card General Precautions

1. Don't write the Personal Identification Number [PIN] behind the card or in a place visible to others.
2. Don't use an easily identifiable number like birth date/year or vehicle registration nimber as PIN.
3..Don't disclose the PIN under any circumstance to any person, including the officials of the bank.
4. Please don't respond to e-mails/telephone calls asking you to key in your PIN or to inform your PIN over phone or asking for personal information.
5. Sign on the back of the card to prevent its misuse at merchant establishments.
6. Don't lend your card to anyone or leave behind as security deposit.
7. Write down your cardnumber, toll-free number and other reporting numbers in a safe place and immediately hot-list the card if it is lost or stolen, by calling these numbers.
8. Cut the card jhorizontally and diagonally into 4 pieces before submitting the card back to the bank for cancellation.

While using the card in ATM

1. Please take all precautions to prevent ot…

Internet History Timeline

1957 AD USA ministry for defense founds ARPA organization ( Advanced Research Projects Agency ), of which intention is to bring America advantage in science and technology for military purpose.

1962 - 1966 AD In this period researches about abilities of connecting computer systems go on. Also some trial nets are made.

1967 AD First plan for ARPANET network is made.

1969 AD ARPANET starts to work. At first alone to see abilities of computer nets on practical instance. First node is made on UCLA university. The same year they connect 3 more nodes. First RFC ( Request For Comment ) is written. Later RFC became standard manner of handing Internet standards.

1970 AD First system for electronic mail and electronic conferences is made. ALOHAnet is made on Hawaii university, which will later connect to ARPANET (1972) as first oversea node.

1971 AD In ARPANET is already 15 nodes and 23 computers.

1972 AD Ray Tomlinson writes e-mail program for sending mail over network. Telnet specification is…


Parenting tips

Why exclusive breastfeed up to 6 months?

* Kid gets the best food from mothers breastfeed
* Provides the required vitamins, anti-biotics etc
* No need for any supplementary food
* Don't worry about weight chart, given by hospitals - they are not really made for India kids

Why feed upto 2yrs?

* Make your kid healthy & stronger to fight any germs or infections
* Breastfeed kids will stay healthier than bottle fed
* Did you know, India has an act against promotion, marketing of Infant food substitutues -
* Avoid any kind of food supplements, bottle feeding your kid

0-1 Yr

* Parent need to engage with kid to help them with exploration of the things around them
* Creating a mobile for the kid's cradle
* Helping the kid to start talking
* Giving bath to the kid
* Changing diapers

1-2 Yrs

* Helping them to walk around, feel new things, explain different objects
* Sit & play with the kid
* Building b…

Why new software products fail?

We have seen several new software products fail & in my opinion below are some of the major reasons for failure -

1. Failure to perform a reality check - Every entrepreneur who comes up with a product feels that his idea is the next big thing to happen & dreams of all possible cash flow / financial projections & is so excited - does not look down to see the earth... jumps into going ahead building the product. Limited opinions are taken from other people in the industry or who are currently in the market space, such entrepreneurs are so passionate & secretive about their product idea - they do not disclose the details for guidance or mentoring from veterans.
2. Market is not ready for the product - this is a case of product is & is trying to solve a real problem in the industry / market space, but the product is little early for the market & consumers are not ready for this kind of a product. Some of the products in this category could be changed for current need…

Top 10 things for product manager to build the product right!

1. Understanding Market Competition & Needs: #1 thing for a product manager is to ensure that he understands the market space for the product, aware of the competition in the space to ensure that product features planned are couple of notches above than current players
2. Road Map: Needs to have a clear Road Map for the product, if he is not sure - then should request a priority list from the entrepreneur or top guys & create the feature road map
3. Product Specifications: Specs, specs... high level specs for each feature needs to be put in-place & where ever needed detailed set of use cases should be created
4. Release Milestones: Product manager should work closely with engineering or dev manager to get a clear understanding of release milestones & ensure they meet the business needs
5. Co-ordinating with other groups: Ensure all stake holders of the product, like end users, administrators, marketing etc are communicated & they are preparing the integrati…

Advantages of SEO

* Websites will comes in top position in search engines
* Increase your business sales & income
* Content quality will increase
* Website gets more popularity
* Domain name values increase

Advantages of Open Source (OS)

01. Free Redistribution
02. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
03. Integrity of The Author's Source Code
04. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
05. Distribution of License
06. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
07. License Must Not Restrict Other Software
08. License Must Be Technology-Neutral

Merits of going online: (Website Advantages)

01. Global presence and expand your business.
02. Website work for you 24/7.
03. Increase your customers.
04. Increase name recognition and exposure.
05. Office & transportation cost savings.
06. Very inexpensive way to reach new markets.
07. Fast and easy way to sales & customer support.
08. Leveraging Advertising amount.
09. Improve productivity.
10. Improve competitiveness.
11. Streamline Information Distribution to Workers.
12. Reduce the Costs of Serving Your Customers and Printing and Mailing your Catalogs
13. More options for your eBusiness.
14. Avoid lanjam/commissions in govt offices
15. Increase product knowledge for customers
16. Give business to webhosting companies and designers.


Advantages of Madurai

* Well recognized Information Technology skills
* Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries
* Combination skill sets easily available (For example computer and legal or medical skills)
* Strong government support for such activities
* Excellent training infrastructure
* Lower infrastructure costs
* Rapid turnover of engineers and skilled people
* English speaking IT talented peoples
* Excellent Telecom infrastructure in major cities and the telecom costs have dropped by about 85% in 3 years.
* India proved better than China on account of several factors. The study pointed out that China lags behind India in terms experience and other important factors like IT and management education, language skills, concerns about intellectual property and overall country risk.

Advantages & benefits of India

* Well recognized Information Technology skills
* Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries
* Combination skill sets easily available (For example computer and legal or medical skills)
* Strong government support for such activities
* Excellent training infrastructure
* Lower infrastructure costs
* Rapid turnover of engineers and skilled people
* India is a talent-rich country with more English speaking IT talented peoples
* Excellent Telecom infrastructure in major cities and the telecom costs have dropped by about 85% in 3 years.
* India has a stable government & it is one of the world's fastest-growing economies
* India proved better than China on account of several factors. The study pointed out that China lags behind India in terms experience and other important factors like IT and management education, language skills, concerns about intellectual property and overall country risk.


* India is the leading destination for providing IT and IT-Ena…

Merits of Outsource: (Outsouring Advantages)

01. Save money, time & energy and reduce work tension.
02. No need to recruit, hire, or train new employees and no training cost. Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries.
03. Projects are completed on time, on budget, and on requirements.
04. You eliminate expenses related to retention of employees, including insurance, worker's compensation, social security, and company-provided benefits.
05. Control capital costs & operating costs.
06. State-of-the-Art Technology.
07. No maintenance of office buildings with lift, canteen, vehicle parking & power generator.
08. 24 hours working.
09. Access to diversified pool of skilled professionals.
10. Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards.
11. Extend the reach to more trading partners quickly and efficiently.
12. No risk of buying and maintaining additional infrastructure.
13. Avoid paying bonuses, benefits such as paid leave, sick leave, advance salary, insuran…

Webmaster/SEO Useful Tools * *



Drawbacks of some education courses

:: Drawbacks of Diploma

01. Cannot able to participate in some competition exams so cannot able to apply government jobs like tpsc, ssi, rrb, bsrb, and esi.
02. Cannot join pg course directly or direct second year in ug also.
03. In MNC's cannot give promotion to diploma candidate for higher positions even though they had more experience.
04. Communication lack in english
05. salary also stable at one stage.
06. so i cannot prefer diploma courses as main qualification

:: Drawbacks of B.Ed course studying

01. If a married female study any teaching education course, she loss many things.
02. Her urgency of go to college she will not able to keep childrens and husband happly.
03. because of doing more and more educational aids her husband also affected and she wants compulsory help from him.
04. both of them cannot enjoy child's performance and lifestyle
05. more money, energy, petrol and time was wasted
06. it will creates more family problems and ego problems
07. childs also mi…

reported ragging deaths

1. Aman Kachroo

1. Robin John
2. Prashant Kumar
3. Unnamed case 1
4. Pratap Kishore Sa
5. S. Harish Kumar

1. Durgesh Shukla
2. Manjot Singh
3. Chetan Raj
4. Amit Tiwari
5. Alankeswar Mishra
6. P. Afsar Banu

1. Azad Nair
2. SP Manoj
3. Ashoke Chaudhury

1. Amit Sahai
2. Kamlesh Sarkar
3. Sridhar
4. C Abraham

1. Sushil Kumar Pandey
2. Mohan Karthik Tripathy
3. Aakriti Dhar
4. Ehsan Saba

1. Pranali Dhanvijay
2. Parmeshwar

1. Anoop Kumar

1. M. Srinadh Reddy
2. B. Govardhan

1. Deepa

1. Indu Anto

1. Pon Navrasu